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Mr. Matschke is a Director for E2. His chief responsibilities include portfolio building, allocation, and risk management. Mr. Matschke brings over 37 years of experience in trading a variety of products, including commodities, equity securities, fixed income, and options. Mr. Matschke uses a bottom-up investment process, beginning by investigating a company’s fundamentals, focusing on the strength and potential of individual stocks, and selecting those he believes will outperform comparable indexes.

Prior to joining Energy Evolution in 2020, Mr. Matschke served for thirteen years as a Senior Vice President of Investments at Raymond James Financial, a wealth management firm. During his time at Raymond James, Mr. Matschke conducted thematic research focused on electric and autonomous vehicle technology, battery storage, and investment in undervalued oil and gas companies that had the potential to deliver outsized returns.

Prior to working at Raymond James, Mr. Matschke worked as a Senior Vice President with Jefferies Financial Group as a wealth manager for private clients from 2006 through 2008. From 1997 to 2006, Mr. Matschke worked as a Senior Vice President at UBS Wealth Management. Mr. Matschke also has decades of experience trading various commodities, from energy to soft and hard commodities.