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Mr. Mulacek is the Chief Investment Officer for E2. With over 35 years of experience in global oil, gas, and Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) development, he has worked in all aspects of upstream development from drilling to completion, with production in North America, Asia, West Asia, South America, and Africa. Currently, he is overseeing activity in several other regions as well. He is the founder and chair of InterOil, a company once listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Before retiring from this position in 2013, Mr. Mulacek increased the company’s market cap from $10 million to an excess of $5.6 billion and helped to raise the share price from 50₵ to over $109. Additionally, in 2009, Mr. Mulacek led a team to the discovery of vast oil reserves in Papua New Guinea, a find which yielded the equivalent of 1.6 billion barrels, an unprecedented feat that remains unsurpassed in Asia.

In 1981, Mr. Mulacek formed his private investment company, Petroleum Independent and Exploration Corporation (PIE Corp). Starting with an initial capital investment of $2,500, the company now holds assets valued at over $100 million and is focused on U.S. exploration. Through private acquisitions, PIE and its subsidiary companies hold a substantial number of domestic oil and gas royalty mineral acreage interests. These acquisitions secured long-term access to more than 400 properties and over 500,000 acres in several states throughout the American South. PIE has identified several geological targets containing conventional future stacked plays. By utilizing existing infrastructure, Mr. Mulacek and his family office anticipate an abundant future yield with a low development risk.

Mr. Mulacek is on the Board of Directors of Empire Petroleum (EP) and assists with the Funds as a major owner. He oversees projects jointly developed for his family office and the Funds.  These projects currently include Apclark Permian Partners, LLC (“APP”) and Austin Chalk Resources, LLC (“ACR”) previously presented in this document.

Mr. Mulacek holds a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering (BS) from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas.