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Energy Infrastructure

The fund invests in companies engaged in the production, transmission, and distribution of natural gas, and involved in the exploration of potential natural gas sources, as well as those companies that provide services and equipment to natural gas producers, refineries, cogeneration facilities, converters, and distributors.  The fund is focused on the following businesses for establishing infrastructure. These companies include, battery storage,  charging, wind, solar, where they are directly or through subsidiaries in exploring, mining, refining, processing, transporting, fabricating, dealing in, or owning natural resources. Natural resources include precious metals arsenic, gallium, germanium, indium, tellurium, aluminum, nickel, rare earth elements, cobalt, copper, graphite, and lithium.

Looking at investments that may focus on the solution of energy problems, such as energy conservation or pollution control.  2021 will be a defining year for the voluntary carbon market. In 2020, the number of companies making net-zero emission pledges tripled to more than 1,500. This year, many will start to set out defined pathways for reaching that goal.