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Renewable and Alternatives

Technology is key. Technology is the glue. Technology is the enabler.

Energy Evolution evaluates technology by looking at its effects on the environment in which it is being introduced. We look at the sum of the parts and not just the collection of moving parts themselves in order to make a deep analysis of the projected impacts of new technology on old problems.


Energy Evolution is constantly reaching out to Renewable Energy Developers, in order to be able to incorporate new and leading technologies into our investment portfolio.

For example, we are working with LNG->H2 projects, and C2 sequestration projects. Both of these have complimentary relationships with the petroleum industry, while bridging the gap to renewables such as Solar.

Carbon Reduction Technology

Technologies that enable carbon capture, use, and storage, which captures and repurposes fossil fuel emissions before they enter the atmosphere, and carbon dioxide removal, which seeks to remove existing atmospheric emissions. Once considered fringe climate change mitigation methods, these processes are seeing wider acceptance as effective complements to conventional interventions. Many believe that increased use of renewables, expanded electric infrastructure, and improved energy efficiency get us to 90% decarbonization and that achieving net-zero emissions will require carbon capture, use and storage.


Energy Evolution focuses on identifying conventional and unconventional U.S. oil and gas assets that sit at the front-end of the cost curve to generate returns. In developing basins, Energy Evolution applies its in-house technical and geologic expertise to identify and evaluate the core areas for investment. pursuit of great assets at attractive values can include select positions in public energy companies, private investments MLP’s, and mineral interests .

We clearly see the next stage involves return of capital to shareholders and reduced capital spending. Our core portfolio is focused on low cost of production total return investments. Strong dividends and share buybacks along with higher prices for natural gas and oil should continue to provide us strong returns .

Investing with Energy Evolution

We use technology, we follow technology, and we evaluate technology. We analyze the actual outcomes of the application of new technology.  Our investment portfolio focuses on technology that makes a bridge between the traditional, and the future in energy production.